Movie Night “50 Shades of Grey” – Sponsored by The Millennial Club

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On Monday, February 16, 2015…

The Millennial Club of Pallet Express Inc. Atlanta sponsored an outing to see the movie “50 Shades of Grey”. Their goal…Bridging the workplace generational gap, whereas all team members bring their unique skill sets & experiences in engagement, to achieve a common purpose or goal.

“It was a good movie and I enjoyed the outing experience  with my coworkers. We should do more bonding activities.” – LaTangela Allison Billing/Accounting Support Specialist

 “I thought the movie was a good adaptation of the book.  It was definitely a modern take on the conventional love story.  I thought the actors did a great job of portraying the character’s in the book.  Also, because of the nature of the film it opened up a great dialoged between me and my coworkers.  It was a good way to get to know each other better!” – Christie Woodruff AR/Administrative Support Specialist

“I thought the movie did a really good job on focusing in on the difference in personalities between the two main characters. You have one who seems to be very sure of himself and is very systematic in the way he goes through life, and then you have another personality who is very quiet and not so sure about herself.  From the moment the two main characters meet, they start to contradict each other’s main personality traits.  Christian was very sure of himself and had certain rules in life, until Anastasia comes along, and she starts to mix it up for him. Anastasia starts out very quiet, but when she meets Christian, she seems to become more bold and outspoken.” – Sarah Kopf Dispatcher/Customer Service Specialist

“I enjoyed the time that I got to spend with my coworkers, I learned a little something about everyone, from what we like to eat to the television shows that we liked, and something about our families.   We discussed the movie the story line, the actor/actress, and how we each reacted to the movie, there was 2 of us that had read the book and it was hard not to tell or say something.   I hope that maybe this can become a monthly activity, it brings us together and it’s fun to relax and just hang out.” – Rhonda Parks Dispatcher/Customer Service Specialist

“I believe this event sponsored by the Millennial Club was a great start…bringing together employees from different departments.  The movie got mix reviews but overall it was pretty good.  The most important aspect of the evening was the conversations that occurred.  Everyone was able to wind down, share a little something about themselves and gain a little insight into their co-workers.  Good job millennials!” – Terry Woodruff Controller

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Pictured from left to right: Tangie, Rhonda, Sarah, Christie (Terry not pictured/photographer)

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