The Right Choice: Pallet Express


For over 20 years, Pallet Express has been offering custom and standard pallets along with management solutions to customers throughout Southeast United States. We have an outstanding reputation for quality, service, and sustainability. Pallet Express customers expect responsive service, convenient ordering, simple pricing, and on-time delivery. Our quality pallets and management solutions are used by leading manufacturers, distributors and retailers to ship products throughout various regions of the United States.


Advanced Technologies and Quality Materials


At Pallet Express, we use leading CAD, Pallet Design System (PDS) and logistical software, as well quality building materials. We have documented more than 100 different product designs and can develop a solution to your specifications. Our goal is to decrease costs, environmental impact and assure superior quality. Contact our Sales Team and see first hand how Pallet Express is positioned to offer solutions, products and services. By utilizing state of the art software, we can design new pallets or redesign existing pallets to conform to desired specifications and analyze product and distribution requirements.

By defining all design and distribution alternatives, and corresponding bill of materials, these applications are able to produce cost and quality performance forecasts. Reporting identifies potential problem areas, and redirects decision makers to more practical design and management alternatives without costly trial and error or expensive prototyping and testing

  • Define practical design alternatives
  • Pallet management methodologies
  • Determine load capacity matrix
  • Identify potential problem areas
  • Produce quality control performance forecasts